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Marinated raw fish, 4 servings


700 g fish filet (very fresh, preferably lean white fish)
10 small limes for about 100 ml of lime juice (2-3 tbs. per person)
3 tsp. salt
1 tbs. minced red chili, type 'ají limo' or 'rocoto' or both
1 onion (150 gr)
1/2 garlic clove
15 cilantro leafs
2 tbs. evaporated milk
8 tbs. fish stock
2 threads of Yuyo (seaweed, optional)
pepper as desired
Serve the dish with 2-4 of the following sides:
boiled sweet potato or potato, white corn (choclo, boiled for 25 minutes with some sugar), corn nuts (cancha), plantain chips (chifles), and/or boiled or fried cassava (yuca)


  1. Squeeze the limes into a bowl and strain it.

  2. Mince the red chili, the garlic, and the cilantro.

  3. Cut the onion in two halves and slice it into thin half circles (julienne).

  4. Remove all skin and spines from the fish filet.

  5. Cut the fish into strips and then into cubes of about 1½ cm in size (½ inch).

  6. Put fish into a bowl, add salt, pepper and the lime juice, stir and wait a minute.

  7. Add 6 tbs. of the fish stock, chili, garlic, cilantro and stir.

  8. Finally add the evaporated milk, stir again and taste the marinade. Add more chili if you want.

  9. Add onion, stir once more and put fish on the center of a plate, making a heap, adding also all the marinade. Put some Yuyo over the fish if available.

  10. Add some sweet potato or potato slices (1 cm), add the corn (kernels removed from the cob, or cut entire corn cob into 4 pieces). Add cancha, chifles and yuca as desired.


You can replace the cilantro with parsley. Don't add a lot of cilantro or garlic.
If you don't find Peruvian hot peppers, just use different, but fresh chili rather than a Peruvian Chili-Paste (avoid jalapeños).
Stir energetically the evaporated milk, so it doesn't curdle.

Size of the fish cubes.

Just 2 strong squezzes for the lime juice.

The plated dish.